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Palıd 2015 LLC

Founded and commissioned in 2015, Palıd 2015 LLC is a local company that imports a wide variety of construction materials and accessories. Palıd LLC, the official representative of many world-famous and well-established brands in Azerbaijan, aims to expand the list of its partners.

The company has managed to expand its presence throughout the country. The company-offered products and services play a key role in the major construction and reconstruction work underway in the country. Palıd LLC also contributes to the ongoing restoration and reconstruction works in Karabakh.

Thanks to the services rendered by Palıd LLC, it has become easier, more convenient and more affordable to purchase products from Egger, LinePlast, NS doors, Albero, QUA Granite, YıldızEntegre, etc., which have gained worldwide recognition for their quality.

The functioning of wholesale and retail outlets throughout the country is testimony to a symbol of the value and convenience that the company provides to ordinary citizens and entrepreneurs.

Low prices, transparent competition, convenient payment methods, and a wide range of products are the main priorities of the company. Our employees are ready to assist customers in choosing products in any region of Azerbaijan.

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